How Sales Teams Can Use Microsoft Teams for Their Contracts

This article covers everything you need to know about getting the most out of MS Teams for sales, including using the Summize integration.

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June 13, 2024


June 20, 2024

Microsoft Teams is now much more than just a messaging tool. It’s evolved from a group chat platform into a multifunctional collaboration app that combines chat, audio, video, and data storage and transfer functions. And it's used by numerous companies and organisations worldwide.

One of the key benefits of Microsoft Teams is its seamless integration with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platforms like Summize. This integration in particular not only facilitates efficient communication and collaboration for sales teams, but also streamlines sales processes, leading to increased productivity, faster negotiation cycles and a reduction in time-consuming tasks.

This article covers everything you need to know about getting the most out of MS Teams for sales teams and their contracts:

  • How can sales teams use Microsoft Teams?
  • The best Microsoft Teams Apps for Sales Operations
  • How to manage your sales deals and contracts in Microsoft Teams
  • How Summize’s Assistant in MS Teams creates a front door to legal

How Can Sales Use Microsoft Teams?

For sales teams, the intricate B2B and B2C processes demand effective communication and collaboration. Microsoft Teams for sales is a strategic choice and provides access to all Office365 products within the platform. This means you can edit documents and contracts in real time, boosting productivity and enabling more efficient lead generation, prospect connection, and deal closure.

Integrating CLM tools like Summize and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions with Microsoft Teams is simple. And these integrations can unlock a wealth of data from each sales pipeline stage, empowering teams to devise the most effective strategies from their sales playbook. Plus, Summize can accelerate and simplify the entire contract lifecycle management process for businesses, legal, and sales teams. It streamlines legal contract generation, drafting, and review and provides a repository to store and summarise signed contracts.

The Best Microsoft Teams Apps for Sales Operations

Thousands of apps can be integrated with Microsoft Teams to allow sales teams to build efficient and seamless workflows from within. Here are five of the best:

1. Summize – cloud-based CLM software uniting legal teams and business stakeholders.

2. SalesForce – cloud-based CRM software helps businesses keep track of customer interactions and sales data.

3. Jira – a project management tool that structures and aligns work across teams.

4. MS Planner – optimises the task management process for the sales team.

5. DocuSign – allows organisations to manage electronic agreements with electronic signatures.

Manage Your Sales Deals and Contracts in Microsoft Teams

Using MS Teams for sales means teams can collaborate, share files, and co-author and edit documents in real time from one platform. CLM tools like Summize integrate seamlessly to simplify contract management for business legal and sales teams. Summize’s embeddable legal front door offers an automated communication channel between legal and commercial users. It incorporates tools like Slack, Salesforce, and Jira to provide a user-friendly means of negotiating and closing sales more quickly without worrying about legal risks.

Contract creation and review are faster, more consistent, efficient, and governed by the legal department. Users can view all information associated with the requested contract directly within Salesforce and use pre-approved templates that can be instantly sent to clients. It also offers advanced self-service capabilities, with dynamic responses for shorter contract cycles and a standardised approach to contract negotiation with improved collaboration.

Summize’s Assistant Feature in MS Teams

The Summize Assistant feature in MS Teams provides an automated communication channel between legal and commercial users. It speeds up and simplifies contract creation and management and saves businesses time and money, all from within a familiar platform.

To create a contract, users log into Teams and select ‘create a contract’. They choose from several bespoke templates that can be pre-filled according to the company. The Assistant will guide them through the process to ensure no vital information is missed and notify people of any tasks and approvals. Once complete, the contract is generated.

The Assistant can also answer legal questions. When users type ‘ask legal’, they can select their question from the drop-down list before providing relevant information or attachments. The correct legal representative is then notified, and the whole process is tracked in Teams and available to the entire team.

Summize Assistant also aids in contract review. The user types ‘review’ and is prompted to upload a contract and answer bespoke questions, forming the context the reviewer needs. This negates the need for email exchanges, reduces the time required before the review can begin, and offers a place for the whole team to collaborate on the same document on the same platform simultaneously.

Using MS Teams for sales is the logical choice. Exactly how you use it and what tools you integrate will depend on your business's needs, but it's sure to streamline your sales process.