IONITY Case Study: Successful Rollout to 150 users in 5 Weeks

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See how IONITY leveraged Summize to embed a legal front within Microsoft Teams to streamline their contract lifecycle and enhance the organisation's efficiency.

IONITY partnered with Summize to create a legal front door within Microsoft Teams, resulting in a streamlined contract lifecycle that delivers significant benefits to the entire organisation.

Take a look at how they achieved a successful rollout to 150 business users in just five weeks in the video below.

Ferdinand Wieland

It's way more easy to to integrate a software solution when it fits well into your already existing software environment.

Hi, I'm Ferdi working as an in house lawyer for IONITY.

Neeltje Bramer

Hi, my name is Neeltje Bramer, I'm a legal counsel at IONITY.

Ferdinand Wieland

IONITY is a charge point operator for electric vehicles. We are building up and running charge points for your electric car in 24 countries all over Europe. We were looking for a software solution to support us with our contracts.

What we had before was kind of a similar system but with way less options.

What we were looking for was like all in one solution which can do it all.

Neeltje Bramer

A solution where we can store all the contracts from all of our countries we're operating in. We needed one tool to have all of the contracts on your one hand and on the other hand a solution where we could see how much do we have to do this week. And we wanted to have it as transparent as possible for all of our colleagues who are not in the legal team so that they could see who is working on what kind of contract right now and how far they have come.

We chose Summize because I think the first thing was the (Microsoft) Teams chat bot, because when we looked at this we were like, OK, everybody who is working with contracts will really be happy with this because it's a easy, nice looking, fun thing to do. It's so much more fun than typing everything manual in a Word document and everybody will be really happy with it. You just need to have a little chat. You can also do it with your iPhone quite fast. On the other hand, it was fulfilling the whole lifecycle of a contract.

It had all of the solutions we needed in one tool, which was quite nice and quite rare actually when we looked on the other options because you can start with a contract, you can work with a contract. In the end the contract is getting signed and stored with one tool.

In the end the contract is getting signed and stored with one tool. I think this was really where we chose Summize in the end.

Ferdinand Wieland

Summize is a system which is easily accessible and intuitive. The implementation team did a phenomenal job like you provided with a 12 week implementation guarantee where in the end we reached it in five. The teams integration is a super cool feature for our wider business, for our colleagues and rollout.

Neeltje Bramer

The main benefits that I see when using Summize is that we spend a lot of time actually because it's almost so much faster to create a contract by using the team tool and we really use less time to look over a contract because some stuff is already explained to us in the tool.

It really spares you a lot of time and stress.

Ferdinand Wieland

In the end, I think we reached a point where we can can say that it's making our daily business faster and more straightforward.

Neeltje Bramer

My advice for everyone who's looking to implement a CLM solution is first asking yourself and also your colleagues will be working with the solution. What do we need? What do we want? What are our expectations? Just look out for the perfect match. Like we did.


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