Summize Talks: Comparing Summize to Other CLM Solutions

Richard Somerfield, Chief Technology Officer at Summize, talks about Summize's integrated CLM software and how it compares to other solutions on the market.
December 19, 2023
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December 19, 2023


I think the interesting thing with Summize is actually we kind of set in place a strategy 18 months, two years ago about how we wanted to evolve the product and we've been working through that. So I think we continue to work through that and I think the great thing is that's really resonated with our customers about the approach we take, the philosophy we've got and how that's continued to evolve. So I think the biggest thing really about how the product has evolved is alongside that strategy that we actually thought about and identified 18 months ago.

There's obviously a lot of CLMs in the market, all do very similar things to be totally frank. A few bits here and a few bits there, but very much very similar. I think where Summize takes it is we've got all those capabilities from a CLM perspective, but we've taken a much wider view on how that CLM works with the rest of the business rather than purely the legal team. And I think those are the bits that really resonates when we're talking to people, both customers that we're looking to get and we've already got is around those pieces with the wider business needs, how legal can help those. And I think that that really helps the legal team with their own functions. It helps optimize those from a pure CLM perspective, but then the wider business also gets the integration into that. And I think that's really where Summize stands out in this market.

I mean the key bit obviously is the CLM capabilities themselves, but also consider why you're bringing a CLM into the business, what are you looking to achieve? And more than likely it's actually business transformation rather than purely legal transformation. So make sure you've got the legal bits there, but then also how does this impact the rest of the business? How can you provide that legal service to the rest of the business and how are you actually going to optimize those? Because I'd expect that in most cases it's interacting with the rest of the business that is the most time-consuming. So pure CLM is probably not going to have as much of an impact on those as, like I say, the integrations into the rest of the business.

We continue to evolve the Summize story and obviously our customers we've got on that journey as well and listen and learn. We're always looking to listen and learn from our customers and bring that into the products. Continued evolution, always exciting. I think from a wider tech perspective, with my tech hat on, obviously towards the end of 2022 we saw fairly widespread media coverage around advances in AI, particularly to do with image generation and some of the interesting things going on in that area, and also ChatGBT, so looking from a chat perspective. I think we've got some interesting projects that we're running at the moment with inside Summize and we're looking to hopefully bring some of those to the product to continue to evolve our offering.

It's exciting, for sure. I think company-wise and people-wise, very driven. And then from the other angle it's trying to be very innovative as well. So do everything everything else is doing, but then really innovate as well.


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With experience working in several leadership positions, Rich focuses on bringing new ideas and concepts to market. Before starting at Summize, he lived and worked in Silicon Valley, and holds a number of European and US patents for his innovations.
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