Summize: Digital Contracting, Done Differently

Summize is a game-changing CLM for legal teams and business users. Think digital transformation for the entire contract lifecycle.

Contracts have been around for thousands of years, but over time they've become longer and more complex, slowing business down. Summize brings simplicity back to contracting.

As the first solution that plugs directly into Word, Teams and Slack, we seamlessly integrate contract processes to unite legal and business stakeholders. You can automatically review, extract and summarise content to complete a first pass in under five minutes. Plus, we automatically add actionable tasks to your calendar. And a powerful data engine gives you the ability to manage contracts, with instant access to better decision making and actionable insights.

Summize simplifies and accelerates the entire contract lifecycle without replacing existing ways of working. It's digital contracting, done differently.


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Summize makes contract review, creation, and management easy for legal teams, wherever they work. Made up of tech experts and legal professionals, Summize is here to provide you with the best and most up to date information.
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