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For a contract lifecycle management solution to be effective, workflows should span the whole organisation, as well as the legal team itself. From sales to HR, Summize makes contractual processes simple.

By uniquely interacting with familiar collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, legal communication is streamlined and centralised across the entire business.


With multiple decision makers across different departments with defined roles and responsibilities, business and commercial contracts can quickly become business blockers that hinder revenue generation. According to a recent study, 59% of business development professionals said that inefficiencies in the contract process resulted in lost opportunities. And 50% of businesses report lost income due to contract inefficiencies. Summize eliminates bottlenecks in your contractual processes. Summize allows non-legal users to create contracts like NDAs, Ts and Cs, NSAs and vendor agreements directly through Microsoft Teams and Slack using a simple Q&A chatbot that will generate your required contract from approved legal content within minutes.

No more time wasted on standard contracts awaiting legal review or lengthy red line processes. Summize allows commercial users to negotiate faster and speed up contract cycles and legal review without the business risk. It's a contract lifecycle management solution the whole business will love. Game-changing contract automation only from Summize.


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Summize makes contract review, creation, and management easy for legal teams, wherever they work. Made up of tech experts and legal professionals, Summize is here to provide you with the best and most up to date information.
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