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When is it?

Wednesday 8th March 2023 @ 1-1.30pm GMT

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All content will be emailed out after the live session. So if you can't make it, register to make sure you get the recording on-demand.

What's it all about?

Contracts can cause significant bottlenecks and become a source of ongoing tension between sales and legal. Sales teams demand speed and action, while legal must protect the business. But is there a way to empower them to work together, and faster?

The answer is yes! Using a CLM solution, the latest and hottest legal tech on the market, businesses can break down the silos, eliminate the blockages and increase the speed-to-revenue.

But digitally transforming your entire contract process can seem daunting. Plus, business-wide tech adoption is crucial to make CLM a success. So, if you’re asking yourself “where do I start?”, we have the webinar for you!

In this exciting session, we’ll provide some useful hints and tips about using Summize’s CLM solution to bring your legal and sales teams together. Empower your business to get to revenue faster.


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Olly Atkin
Corporate Account Manager

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Harvey Trimble
Corporate Account Manager

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